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  • Top sights

    1. Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar
    2. Tides
    3. Pebbles Beach
    4. Cuz
    5. The Cliff Restaurant and Bar
  • The best restaurants

    1. Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar
    2. Tides
    3. Cuz
    4. The Cliff Restaurant and Bar
    5. The Village Bar
  • Popular shopping locations

    1. Limegrove Luxury Mall
    2. The Lanterns Mall
    3. Sheraton Centre
    4. Quayside Centre
    5. Cave Shepherd and Co. Ltd.

City descritpion

High tea and cricket in the afternoons remains a tradition on the very British island of Barbados, also called the "Little England" of the Caribbean. The Bajan landscape, with its breathtaking panoramas of oceans and valleys, and endless pink- and white-sand beaches, is one of the most majestic in the Southern Caribbean. Barbados is the perfect setting for snorkeling in turquoise waters, touring historic sites or taking in a round of golf.

Embarkation times (subject to changes):

  • 11 am - 2 pm (Departure 5 pm)

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